Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major benefits of joining the local Pittsburgh Mercedes-Benz Club?
  a. Communicating with other Mercedes owners.
  b. Helping and advising new owners to become familiar with the cars and events.
  c. Fun activities and events for all Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts including Car Shows     and driving Events.
  d. Special incentives from Mercedes-Benz dealers.
  e. Helping to build local interest in the Mercedes-Benz brand.
  f. Keeping local Mercedes-Benz owners up-to-date on news and coming attractions
    via the Star, websites and local newsletters.
Are there any other secondary benefits or features?
  a. Building great friendships with other local Mercedes-Benz owners
  b. Keeping up with market information on Mercedes-Benz
How does one join the local club? Do I need to own a Mercedes-Benz to join?
  Joining Mercedes-Benz Club of America is easy and with it comes membership in the local section of the club. Pittsburgh area Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts will be part of the Pittsburgh Section and are entitled to participate in all national and local events. Pittsburgh Section is one of the most active sections in MBCA. You may join by calling 1-800-637-2360 or visiting and clicking the Join us tab. The national office will notify Pittsburgh that you joined and you will begin receiving all local information.
What are the annual and renewal costs?
  Annual dues are $45.00 and include membership in the Pittsburgh Section as well as the national MBCA. It also includes The Star magazine that is published 6 times per year and all local newsletters.
What benefits does the National Mercedes-Benz Club offer me?
  National events are held several time per year and all members are eligible and encouraged to attend. The national club also supports many regional events.
What type of Mercedes-Benz owners does the club have?
  MBCA has a place for everyone. We have old cars and new, classic cars and the not so classic. Whatever your interest you will find others who share it. Members participate in car show, driving events, car preparation clinics, social events, and technical seminars. We have avid drivers who pursue advanced driving skill and drivers who simply want to be better drivers in their daily commute. We have concours specialists and those who only want to "shine it up" a little and come out for fun and to meet other owners.
What are some of the members' Mercedes-Benz models?
  Pittsburgh Section enjoys quite a variety of models and ages at our car shows. A list of a few of the cars you will regularly see at our events.
1955 300SL Gullwing 1961 300SL Roadster 1956 300SC Coupe
1952 220 Cabriolet 1957 190SL Roadster 1972 350SL
Tell me about your events.
  Our main event each year revolves around the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix that takes place the third weekend in July each year. At the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix show we have around 100 cars each year. See the event page for a calendar of upcoming events and our gallery page for pictures of past events..
Do local Mercedes-Benz dealerships offer any special incentives?
  Be sure to inform you local dealer that you are an MBCA member. Members receive discounts on parts and some service items. Watch for specials to appear on this site.
How long has the local Mercedes-Benz club existed?
  Prior to 1952, only 34 new Mercedes-Benz automobiles were registered in the United States, but enthusiasts were hard at work to form a club. Dr. Milton J. Allen of Summit, New Jersey petitioned Daimler-Benz in Stuttgart for permission to use the name and trademark for this purpose in 1955. Concurrently, a group of Chicago members of the British Mercedes-Benz club formed their own organization. Both groups established clubs and were chartered in 1956.
  The Easterners were joined by a newly formed Western group, received factory sanction, adopted the name Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. and grew to 500 members in 19 states by 1957. In 1959, they merged with the Midwestern group, forming a truly national club.
  Although the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is not an affiliate of Mercedes-Benz USA or Daimler-Benz AG, the Club does enjoy the unique position of being sanctioned by MBUSA (formerly Mercedes-Benz of North America). Since MBCA's inception in 1956, a Mercedes-Benz representative has provided liaison in support of the club's functions, activities, and business affairs. In addition, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler-Benz have supplied generous quantities of historical and technical information and assistance. The club is very proud of this relationship and its permission to use the name and trademark of Mercedes-Benz.
Is there a classifieds section for members? Does it cost anything to add a listing?
  Members many advertise cars or other non-commercial items for sale in The Star and local newsletters at no charge. Pictures are assessed a small charge.
Can I bring family members and friends to the events?
  Friends and family members are welcome at all events however only MBCA members may participate in driving events. The exception is that we encourage everyone to take advantage of Defensive Driving that is taught several times per year. You do not need to be a member to participate in Defensive Driving.